Thursday, March 12, 2009

Todays Post

See the garage vermin story. It's on my blog I can't get any other computer thing to work today.

P.S. Have a good day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Remedy to Frigidity

No, I am not hideously bloated, I'm cold.

It's below freezing here in Oklahoma today. I know that 28 is not that cold to most of the rest of America, but yesterday it was 86. That's what stinks about the weather here. It causes a slinky like effect if I have to put away all the winter clothing one day, and next day, rip them out and layer up again!

So, I've discovered the perfect way to stay warm. I have taken to shoving all the hot clothes from the dryer up my shirt while I fold. It has an immediate warming effect and has a two-fold unforeseen benefit.

It provides another more plausible reason for the whereabouts of all those odd socks. I'm wearing them round my middle.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pooh spends time thinking. Just thinking. Thinking about where he put his honey. Drawling his mantra, "think, think, think."

Pooh is me.

I misplace my stuff and the angels know that my desperate pleas will be a no brainer for them.

They put my pleadings on the back burner and say, "Just give her a minute and she'll remember."

Today I ground all my sorghum. All of it. I was so sad to find that there was none left as grain because I needed it in grain form for a demonstration for a class. But, I forgot and ground it all up. I was so sad, and desperate as I called around town searching for whole grain sorghum. Nothing doing. None to be found anywhere in Tulsa.

But, finally I did find some, there in my pantry, sitting on the shelf, where I put it 1/2 hour ago when I was grinding all the rest up.

Poor Pooh, stuck forever thinking...

and me.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Once in a while in the great school of life, one is able to track one's curve of learning directly back to the exact moment and this happened to me today.

My next door neighbor called this morning.

"How are you at maneuvering automobiles?" she asks in her beautiful Indian accent.

I am optimistically good at everything at which I haven't recently failed, so I said, "I'm good, I'll be right over."

The roofers had parked their dumpster in her driveway and blocked her minivan in the garage with a two foot clearance behind it. She is a doctor and she had some medical stuff to do, so she had to get out!

Last time I attempted anything like this was about thirty years ago in my predriving days, when somehow in the process of my learning how to drive in reverse, my parents car ended up parked sideways in our garage.

Who knew then that the lessons learned would be so valuable now?

I thank Dad for his response as he perused the situation and turned on his heels with this comment, "Well, get it out."

And we did.