Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mad About Keys

Technology makes everything better. A simple car key now has the ability to not only open the door, but turn on the lights, warm up the engine and slowly reroute my life savings to its Swiss bank account. My van key looks pretty nondescript, incapable of none of that, but it’s smart, the customer service rep at the dealership assures me. When I lose it, I will not only be unable to start the vehicle, but the vehicle must be towed to the dealership and a lengthy, special secret reprogramming procedure will be undertaken by a specialized geek with pocket protectors who will attempt to unlock the sophisticated system—two minutes and a hundred bucks—for a key!!! He says that the dealer is prevented by the manufacturer to disengage the little thingydoodle in the ignition system that prevents the use of a cheap key and it’s all because somebody could steal my car. I said. “I won’t buy another car that does this,” and he suppressed a giggle and confounded me with his response, “It’s all about liability.” So, there is no more running to the hardware store to have an extra key cut. What was a three dollar wrinkle in my day, will be a three hundred dollar just fold me in half. An article in the Boston Globe assures me that it is industry wide and the FTC has thus far failed to act. California seems to be the only sane state thus far… (which in itself is frightening). They are requiring vehicle manufacturers to release key code to locksmiths by January 2008. I’ll try to lose my keys next in CA. I just had one last question, if these expensive, exclusive keys are so smart, how do they get lost?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Tis the season for freezin'. Donations all go to Summers Family Auction.

Since 90% of body heat flows out through the head, (and 47% of all statistics are made up spur of the moment,) put on a hat, cover that pate, and don a chapeau. You may even, in a fit of green enviro-frenzy, turn down the heat and wear one to bed.

A full family plethora of hats is up for auction. Six chapeaus, matching or not, baby, ski, fluffy or frilly, tiny or huge, whichever you choose. Handmade hats are hot on the slope and hip at college.

It's for a great cause... click on my comments and bid on a six-pack of hat.

I'll ship anywhere in the US for free! Ready in time for Christmas.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Family Fun Auction Basket

This basket is overflowing with promises of an evening of fun and delight such as your family has rarely experienced! It's a magic basket that promises hours (at least one) of uninterrupted peace and conviviality to be experienced by the buyer.

It includes:

One Blockbuster Gift Card (may cause some contention as a movie decision is made--good for two movies.)

Five packs of Microwave Popcorn (One for every person, no fighting!)

Candy - to teach the value of sharing (the evening would not be a spiritual wasteland)

Robin McGraw's newest book "From My Heart To Yours" (to soothe the beleagured referee)

Game: Double Six Color Dot Dominoes

Game: Rook (An obscure game that virtually no one has "already played" promising no whining on that front.)

Movies for every taste:

13 Going On 30 - Guaranteed Angst and teen drama

Pay it Forward - A tear jerker with a great message

Rocky Balboa - (You might be surprised how many have not seen this!)

March of the Penguins - The earth friendly tearjerker

The Pagemaster - A perpetual child favorite just complicated enough for adult viewing

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - for the Johnny Depp chocolate lover in us all.

And last, but not least, a big basket with a lovely bow--All sold to help in a great effort. See for other auction details. I'll make sure you get this delivered if you live in the Tulsa area.

Best of all, the magic of this basket assures somebody, somewhere that they are loved.

Best Wishes, Becky and the Summers Family

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Summers Silent Auction

I'm posting my contributions to the Summers Family Auction. (details at
This item has a great history. It's a closet organizer, seeking an organized home. I was sure, when I won it at the last auction that it would inspire me to organize the entire household. Then the voice of reason intruded. And it warned me that this just might cause me to organize the entire household. And I just can't go there!!!
This one will have to be picked up. It's too huge to ship.