Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grocery Glitch

I called a sister, bemoaning that once again I had forgotten the groceries and left the eggs in the trunk overnight.

She replied, "Don't feel bad, at least you didn't rebuy them. I know someone who forgot she bought groceries and it wasn't until she went grocery shopping again the next day and went to put them in the trunk that she remembered.

That made me feel somewhat better, until she added, "It was you."

I had forgotten.

A manicure? Ya think?

A friend suggested a manicure. I've never had a manicure. I just don't seem like the manicure type.

Truth is, a manicure can't fix this. Weeks of construction abuse can't be fixed by a mere manicure. I need a homeocure, a yardeocure and perhaps even a braineocure--a complete and total make-over, extreem.