Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Choice: Birth--Death The Morphosis of Womanhood

I just read an article makes three relevant points, that women are experiencing a revolutionary transition of personal power, that birth control is the impetus, and that womanhood is in morphosis.  I write on the cautionary genesis of that process.

I counter the basic idea of the article that society's convenience is reason enough to justify birth decisions or the end of birth--the death of life.  Although we are experiencing unprecedented  reproductive freedom,  women are still subject to what some think of as arbitrary forces of nature, subject to age, infertility and happenstance and to assume that we have gained some control over that merely because we have come into our own "womanhood" may be a fallacy.    Like a child who begins to recognize that he rules the world, then fears that he rules the world we must recognize that with increased freedom of choice comes natural, and irrevocable consequence.  I myself had to come to that untidy conclusion with the risks of some birth control that modify the body to reject future pregnancy.

Presuming that we can circumvent nature's reality with impunity is naive.  It is a contradiction to ignore the mind/body connection that ultimately requires humble supplication of self at every point--to nature, or to a God, to a world, an opinion, in relationships, or to illness and all the other ways to which we as human beings involuntarily relinquish control and are acted upon.  Even to the consequence of the humanity of the anguish of abortion.

We've come to believe--no to expect--that we have control and expecting that we exercise a sense of power over nature without consequence is at the core of this new womanhood question.  Continuing to further that argument leads us to believe that life is trivial and can be had at our own behest and on demand--further leading to the cavalier idea of humanity as a fungible and resulting in the devastation that we are now experiencing.

That being said,  my pro-life stance is that while women’s reproductive domination by man may be coming to an end, nature's control cannot be ignored.  As we become free from being acted upon we must more fully be willing to accept the ramifications of our own actions.  It is an enlightened woman who recognizes her place in the world universe and her eternal responsibility to the freedom of childbearing.  This responsibility is greater than surrendering choice, it is cautiously and carefully considering how to submit to a natural, more powerful version of nature's intent.

A responsible for life.  When we are considerate and adequately reverent of that, the lines of responsibility are more easily drawn.

Reality Bite:  Then we can more truthfully look to the added responsibilities of the choice of life--social responsibility, structure, care, nurturing, and education.