Thursday, August 24, 2006

What is PC?

It’s against everything I espouse—when people use factors that are beyond physical control to exclude others. Was the entire last decade of diversity training a failure?

How do I explain to my seven-year old that a group of individuals has gathered together and assumed positions of authority, taken control and are responsible for usurping years of tradition to decide by majority whether one individual fits the criteria to remain part of the group.

So an entity has a wayward orbit or is of questionable size or content, should that allow it to be cast aside and rejected? By all that is PC, shouldn’t we strive for Planetary Correctness?

There are definite playground parallels to this predicament and from this day forth it will be the case study that rips through schools and tears asunder science textbooks.

I just know that when I am old, one of the hallmarks of the aged will be, “She’s so old that she remembers when Pluto was still a planet.”