Thursday, May 21, 2009

Math Puzzle

Okay Dave and Ian raced and Ian solved last Wednesday's puzzle in two minutes.  

How does he do that?


The stomach virus floating about did us in, the entire family--bar Dave who sequestered himself in the west wing.  We're finally back, but not without casualties.  Ian had to be infused (he lost ten pounds he couldn't afford to lose)  and Aidan had blood work the same day... so they are the walking wounded.  (Ian actually looked even worse before the 1000 cc's.)
We're healthy and happy now!  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How about a math problem?
Engineers take 3 minutes to resolve this, architects 3 hours and doctors 6 hours.

What is the next number 1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, _____?

Hum, I wonder... 1 plus next numeral... no, "Finish your breakfast and get the dishwasher emptied!"

One times... no. two divided by... no. Doctors take longer... so it's not appendages or blood types, engineers... bike spokes, gears, tools, pi, friction, physics, psycho! "Hey, keep practicing... I'm not hearing anything... Sorry, Piano isn't something you can mime!"

1806, some famous date? No, history majors weren't even mentioned... Hum, forty two, age, over the hill, wrinkle cream... gotta remember to order that... and more sorghum, can't believe I'm out of flour again. "Are you wasting time? Hey, pull yourself together it's eight o'clock."

Six... six... six. Um, signs of Satan, this puzzle? Hm, backwards, 608123621, telephone number? Oh, gotta remember to call and cancel that dr. appointment, and class tomorrow, wonder what kind of theme I should do for cards? Maybe Got your number? Call me sometime? Keep in touch. "Lunch, fix it and get yourself out the door!"

"Socks and shoes, teeth and hair! No, I didn't even for a minute mean use toothpaste as hair gel! Hurry Up!" So help me if you miss your bus and I have to miss my walk to take you to school..."

Gotta run. I give up. I'm gonna take my failure as confirmation that I must be a writing Mom.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Even more watchbands just for Val.    
I purchased my watches from  Medium size.  

These two are the real McCoy purchased on
I love my new watches from so much that I thought I would make some to switch out on my own. As usual, I was the last to think of it! Utah has all the good crafts first!!!

Thanks for the help and the design Kali.

Use stretchy thread, lay out your beads in a pattern and your spacers where you want them. I was told to start threading at the opposite side that you want to tie off, preferrably to the right of where the watch connects to the clasp.

Thread each side to the middle of the thread, then crisscross the threads through the spacers in each middle.

I'm sure the more brilliant (most of you) will understand better than I how to do this.

Best wishes!