Friday, February 20, 2009

Before, and not yet After

Life is full of regrets for the things you wish you had done. So I'm starting--all the things I wish were done. BECAUSE I am a starter... This post is a list of my project plans before and after.

Some of the projects have beginning picts, but most of them are interim shots. This is due to the fact that starting something kind of sneaks up on me. I can be innocuously cleaning or straightening something, and that something might start (tenouosly, like the wallpaper flaps up) and then suddenly, I am fully immersed and the door is off, the wallboard is ripped out and somebody is standing in the middle of something fully and completely started!

So here are some before and some middles and unfortunately, we must just wait... just wait to see the afters...

back yard - semi done - it was worse before.
The pantry is shielded because the husband says, "You are trying to convince us that there is no food in there... none at all," and because the popcorn ceiling is coming down.

Front balisters a project started at least a year ago. Soon, so soon!
new backyard french door

The front door is aching to start.

And hair color - an ongoing start and ever and always a disastrous finish. I've had teenagers again tell me that "purple is so awesome."

And so here I am! Starting and patiently waiting.

Sometimes for years-as I'm a slow finisher.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It is POP time. Person of Purpose and the children were to research and report on a significant contributor in History. The children would then act as that character in a wax museum and give a life history to children and parents.
Amidst Cleopatra's glitter, Earhardt's aviator cap and goggles, Einstein's hair wig, Antoinette's renaissance dress, Princess Di's authentic wedding gown and Shirley Temple's bob, there was Aidan. He was the boring one in the suit and tie. I told him to feel free to pick whomever he wished, as long as that person could wear a suit. His teacher gave him Henry Ford... an inventor... right down Aidan's path of interest.

He did a great job and so did his mother, who on her third child, cannot imagine expending the braincells and energy necessary to sew an authentic coat, wig and tricornered hat for Washington. That poor woman must have sacrificed a pair of her best black pumps to a stapled on buckle. Now that, that is a Mom!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Better Barometer of Spring

Punxatawnny Phil has nothing on my pet who has an uncanny ability to predict... or perhaps even bring on the change of seasons.

It's all in the decor.
When she senses spring in the air, Look Out!

Being originally from Utah my Snowman motif doesn't end in December. There it is an accepted part of the decor until the snow disappears--through March and sometimes into May.

The cat is truly an Okie and is letting her opinion be known. Enough with snow and ice and Winter! Move on.