Monday, December 9, 2013

Redneck Piano Mover

My Dad is a genius!

"Dad, I just bought a piano.  Can you help me move it with your truck, or your trailer, or one of the myriad of moving menagerie you have?"

"We don't have brawn,"  he deadpanned.  "Let me think and I'll be over in a minute."

I returned to the garage sale site and patiently waited.

"My dad is coming."

"Just your dad?" the guy said.

"Yup, just my Dad."  I responded with complete confidence.    The guy is a product of a brighter age-- a guy who thinks the world needs what he thinks up next.  He is always the inventor, trying to do it better.  From backpacks, log splitters, diamond forging, to a better way to mold bronze, he has been there, built that and then tried to improve it.

We hear an engine laboring... what will it be, the ten-ton trailer he welded himself to move his heavy machinery?  Or the RV he rebuilt from his half-ton dump truck?  It could be the tool trailer he modeled from an old truck bed?  I could hardly wait.

And Voila!

Dad lowered it down, tipped it in, tied it down and drove through town.

Drove right to the back door, tipped it up and he, the son, the nephew, and weak little me rolled it in.

ThAT GUY is AMAZing.

If only my son could reignite the inventor mind that has been dumbed out of him by poor parenting practices that don't inspire greatness and the monotony of public school.

We can only hope.

The world needs more inventive minds like my Dad's.

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