Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Arylamide??? What happened?

I did some research in September on acrylamide, a known carcinogenic in foods caused by cooking starchy foods at high temperatures in artificial fat. Highest levels are in french fries and potato chips.

National Cancer Institute WHO (world health org.) says it is a significant risk.

I found a great website warning about it and identifying the government study that was to come forth in October. Then I get on that site to see what the study said, it's been dismantled! A new site is in it's place. My guess is that when this site was purchased by the Grocery Manufacturers Group, oddly enough, all of the study stats that warned of carcinogens in food are gone!

Rest assured, there are still 200 international studies on acrylamide to come out soon it's so dangerous. Meanwhile, avoid french fries and potato chips for kids, because it's inordinately higher in acrylamide than any other food.

What's really going on? During my research, I read this article warning the food business that if consumers found out that potato chips and french fries were carcinogenic, we would balk at feeding them to our children?

Sacramento Examiner

Harvard study 2003 deadly cancers caused by acrylamide

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Why is the public avoiding this issue? Are we just too tired of worrying about food?

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